The Ugly Awards

 There are some people, or whole companies that create ugliness in this world. Pollution, war, inhumanities, and other wrong doings. We showcase the purveyors of evil in all their ugliness.
For July, 2006
Coming Soon!
 You will be able to vote for the ugliest person or company of the month from our nominees menu. We choose people or companies that surpass all others for pure greed, selfishness, corruption, and downright criminal actions in the pursuit of their own agendas. We'll report the facts, so you can be the judge, as to who should be judged. We'll also supply some comedy material about the said perpetrators, if we have any.

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  You can nominate any person, company, government, or organization that has committed large environmental crimes, ignored the ecology, or has supported very bad ecological ideas. Not everyday people, but the powerful and the decision makers.


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