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  We are the world's newest ecology and environmental protection watchdogs. We plan to keep you informed of all the good ecological people and eco technology can do. Plus all the ecologically bad, and the winners of the ugliness of the month award (coming soon). Keep coming back to read new stories, and to cast your vote. Keep reading to find out why we did what we did, and why we'll keep doing it.
  If you have an open mind you may want to give Mick's Message a read. Mick will be peppering his unique brand of radically green editorial comments throughout this site, from time to time. Be forewarned though, his brand of to the point, type of comments may bite into your pride, or pinch a nerve, but it has to be said by someone. It may as well be him.

  Explore what we could be, or what we might be. With examples of technology, ideas on the future, real world facts, and other information. Vote on the person or company that creates the most ugliness on our world for the month. There are just soooo many to choose from.

We must reduce our world population by 1/2

  Our we too bold for saying it? Or are we just saying what's absolutely necessary. Is recycling enough? Or should reducing include our population too. What about re-using? We have definitely used enough. Are the governments really doing what they can? Or should there be one world government, bent on humanity, and ecology, and not global domination.
   If you have any hang ups about common sense and logic, then you should probably bury your head in the sand or something. This site leaves no stone unturned, in the quest for enlightenment. If enough people choose to make our species better, then anything is a possibility.

Web sites can speak louder than words.
Use this site to help our world.

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