Reduce, recycle and reuse while using ecological products is good for the ecology. Environmental protection is also achieved through energy consumption.


Good For The Ecology

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Reduce, Recycle, Re-use
   Reduce: Here's what can you reduce and why.
  • Energy Consumption - To reduce energy consumption worldwide and to also protect small birds from fatal crashes into buildings, you can suggest to your companies owners and managers to start shutting off or dimming unnecessary lights at night. You should mention that they can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year by doing this. It's an old fable that office and warehouse lights need to be on for security reasons. With new high tech security systems being as inexpensive as they are, it would make much more sense to invest in a good alarm, and then save that amount of money or more by shutting off lights at night.
       Don't forget to look for energy efficient appliances when you go shopping too. In most cases, you can get a rebate from the government for buying these products.
  • Car Emissions - The best way to reduce a cars exhaust emissions is to take public transit, or better yet to walk. If you're unwilling to go that far, at least try to carpool once in a while. You may even enjoy other peoples company. There are also many hybrid cars for sale these days, for a little more money, but you will end up saving any extra you paid in reduced gas bills.

  Recycle: Here's what can you recycle and why.

  • To find out if a products is recyclable in your area, you first have to look for the recycling symbol somewhere on that product. It looks just like the symbol at the top right of this and every page in this website. The important thing is to look for the number in the middle of the symbol to identify what kind of recyclable the product is. When you have found the number, you can verify it with one of the government websites for your area. One word of advice though, in most cases the caps for many products in bottles such as pop, are not recyclable at all. Every separate piece must be identified with a symbol and number if it is recyclable at all.
    Canada - Metals and minerals recycling
    Scotland - Fife Council

  Reuse: Here's what can you re-use and why.

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