Environmental protection is good for the ecology. Learn how lower population, wind power and solar energy can help, and how to reduce, recycle and re-use.


Good For The Ecology

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Have Less Children
Lowering World Population
  We can't stress the need for world population reduction enough. Most of our problems are being caused by an ever increasing plague of human beings on this planet. We have to stop being in denial, population reduction must be done with less breeding. The Chinese have realized the need for this, now the rest of us must learn it.

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Use Alternative Sources
Wind Turbines
  Windmills or turbines as they are more recently known, are popping up everywhere, outside of Holland too. They may not be as pretty as the traditional tulip framed ones we're used to seeing in pictures, but they are a lot more efficient.
Actually Do Something
Doing Your Share
  Hoorays, and hoorahs, to all the good people. We want to pat all the helpful companies, and people that do good for all of us, and normally go un rewarded. If there was only the bad in this world, we probably would have caused our own extinction already. We need more good stuff in our lives, and it takes a little bit of work from each of us to attain it.
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Let Your Politicians Know
Solar Energy
  Solar panel are more than 5 times more efficient than they used to be, and are even portable. So why aren't more of us using them? Why aren't companies installing them to supply their huge buildings? Money, that's why, money they don't want to spend to ensure a bright future.

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Buy Biodegradable
Reduce, Recycle, Re-use
  What does it really mean, have you personally done enough to make an impact? We'll tell you how much more you can do to cut down this beast of burden, with some easy tips to implement and how much of a difference they really make.

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Spread The Word
Ecological Awareness
  We're starting a list of Movies, TV shows, magazines, conferences, and so on that have tried to let us in on a fact that the governments have been trying to side step for years. We are killing our planet, and there's just no denying it.

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Buy Smarter
Energy Efficient Products
  We're starting a list of new products for the home that are good for the ecology or at the very least more energy efficient than past products on the market.

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