Lowering world population and environmental protection are good for the ecology. We must reduce numbers to avoid an ecological disaster by having fewer babies.


Good For The Ecology

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Lowering World Population
  It may hurt a little at first, but we all will have to make some environmental protection sacrifices for our own future. If every couple on the planet would have fewer babies, than our population would drop drastically, naturally. We wouldn't need to do any more than reduce our numbers and the effect we have on this planet. But, since we are already using technology to help our ecology, than to just reduce our numbers should be easy right, uh right?
  It may have been necessary thousands of years ago to procreate as much as we could, but it is not only unnecessary today, it is actually detrimental to our own existence. We are supposed to be civilized, not selfish. We are supposed to be intelligent creatures, not a plague to our own planet. Not only is the damage we do unnecessary, it's criminal and cruel to nature to put the Earth through this.
   With our population nearing the six and a half billion mark, and increasing every second, we have to do something fast. We don't have the convenience of stalling for time, or haggling over money.
  This ecological disaster must be a number one priority. After all , what good will money do us when we are fighting for our very existence? What good will the governments be when there is total anarchy around the world? What good will a civilized world be when it's laying in ruins, devastated by natural disasters? It has already begun, some of us are just too ignorant to see it. Some of us are still in denial. Some of us are very selfish indeed.
   Having less children is an unselfish act. You should be proud to have less children, because old ideals are killing us. We have to change our way of thinking, we have to do something now. This isn't a personal opinion, or a suggestion. it's a necessity of existence. If it doesn't seem important enough, or trivial, then why do we have such a strong urge to survive? No one wants to die, right here, right now, but our planet's health somehow doesn't seem to be a priority to most of us. Are we so selfish that it blinds us to our own destruction?

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