Environmental movies are good for the ecology with ecological awareness.  TV shows, energy conferences, conservation seminars and celebrities endorsements help too.


Good For The Ecology

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Ecological Awareness

  Here is a listing of all the resources for ecological awareness. All the movies, TV shows and people that are screaming for a solution, but most seem to be deaf to. We suggest that everyone see all of them, now! For ecologically beneficial world organizations, you can visit our links page.
  Please help out by submitting resources that you may know about.


  • The Day After Tomorrow - This movie is about global warming and the effect it could have on our planet if it all happened within a week.
  • Naked Gun 2 1/2 The Smell of Fear - Frank Drebin from Police Squad has to fight the forces of evil again, and this time the evil ones are gas, oil, and nuclear magnates.
  • Category 7: The End of the World - In this TV movie the heat from all major cities in the world is causing natural disasters that devastate the planet.
  • Soylent Green - A movie released in 1973 (we've known for that long) starring Charlton Heston about how overpopulation drives the human race to inhumane acts of oppression and food distribution. It's not a pretty picture, and we're painting it for ourselves.
  • On Deadly Ground - Steven Seagal movie about his battle to save the Alaskan wilderness and protect its people.
  • Fire Down Below - Steven Seagal is Environmental protection agent Jack Taggart, and is fighting a business that is dumping toxic waste and killing nature somewhere in the Kentucky hills region.
  • Who Killed the Electric Car? - A documentary that investigates the birth and death of the electric car, as well as the role of renewable energy and sustainable living in the future.
  • An Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore hosts this documentary about global warming and how we must act today to prevent tomorrow's disasters.

TV Shows


  • Leonardo DiCaprio - This famous actor is also trying to help the ecology by making everyone's future world a better place
  • Sting - The Rainforest Foundation was founded in 1989 by the musician Sting (The Police) and his wife Trudie Styler, in response to the continued violation of the rights of indigenous peoples’, and the wanton destruction of the rainforests in which they live.
  • Bridget Bardot - After her life in the spotlight, Brigitte has gone on to become a leading spokesperson for animal rights and started a foundation dedicated solely to that cause.

Conferences and Seminars

  • The Green Party of Canada is asking the United Nations to sponsor a world meeting to stop the destruction of the tropical forests. Send a letter to get your name on this list
  • The 39th Air Pollution Workshop will be held in Guadalajara, Mexico on April 1-5, 2007

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