Energy efficient household products and home appliances good for the ecology. New technologies like tankless water heaters, fluorescent lamps and LED lights.


Good For The Ecology

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Energy Efficient Products
  Not only are energy efficient products like home appliances better for the environment, but some governments will also offer incentives to buy them. Don't let these newer, better technologies go to waste, literally.
  •  Tankless Water Heaters
      This new style of water heater for the home saves energy by heating only the water you need as you're using it, instead of heating a whole tank of water and trying to keep it hot constantly. It also means that you will never run out of hot water either, no matter how much you use.
    Buy Tankless Water Heaters
  • Fluorescent Lamps You Can Dim to 1%
      If you need to light up a large area, whether it's in an office building or for a home, the new Fluorescent ballasts are the way to go. The problem with the old way of doing it, is that if you would reduce the current enough, the light would go out. This problem has been thankfully solved, and now businesses will not only save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, but will drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions also.
    Buy Fluorescent Lamps
  • Infrared Toaster Oven
      It can save up to 85% of the energy compared to a 3400W conventional oven, does not heat up your kitchen with wasted energy, and there's no pre-heating time wasted.
    Buy Infrared Toaster Ovens
  • LED Christmas Lights
    These light strings use a new light-emitting diode (LED) technology that is superior to standard lights. Compared to holiday incandescent light bulbs, LED strings use about 95% less energy; last at least 10 times longer; are more durable, with no filaments or glass bulbs to break; and
    produce very little heat, reducing the risk of fire. They come in a variety of shapes and now colors too.
    Buy LED Christmas Lights


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