Environmental protection is good for the ecology. So is doing your share and pitching in with tips to help our ecology that you can use in everyday life.


Good For The Ecology

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Doing Your Share
  Here's some tips to help our ecology. If you want to keep the environment clean for future generation, you should accomplish at least one of these suggestions.
  1. Donate Money:
      There are many environmental protection groups that you can assist by donating money to. Nothing is free, and saving our planet costs money. So, give a little to each or give a lot to one, it's for your own good.
    GreenPeace     WWF
  2. Donate Time:
      Nothing is more important than your time, well except maybe your very existence. Take the time and clean up your little section of the planet. If nobody ever cleaned up, we would already be knee deep in garbage.
  3. Teach Others:
      If you teach them, they will come. Don't just assume that everybody is doing the right thing, make sure they are. It's not hard to show someone the error of their ways if your passion is strong. Other people will see just how serious you are and they will respond to some gentle prodding.
      You can also build your own website to inform others about our ecology in general, or on something specific in your neighborhood.
  4. Write Your Local Government:
      They won't change for the better if we don't tell them how. Governments are supposed to be for the people, but they can't read minds either. You have to let them know how the environment is impacted by their actions, and you have to make them care. Since governments only care about money, then try hitting them in the wallet. Make our ecology an issue, because if we don't, there may not be anybody left in 20 years to do it for us.

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