An overpopulation explosion is bad for the ecology. With too many people environmental damage can trigger hurricanes, floods, greenhouse gasses and global warming.


Bad For The Ecology

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We're Packed Like Sardines
  If you look at the big picture for a minute, you'll see that most of our problems are caused by overpopulation. Not just a lack of good parking spots, but things like Hurricanes, Floods, Greenhouse Gasses, Global Warming, the Sun's Dimming Effect, Poor Air Quality, and many other phenomenon never seen by mother nature before. It's more than just a coincidence that these ecological hazards are restricted to the coming of man on this planet. We have to change our way of thinking when it comes to our own survival. Five hundred years ago, humans had to procreate to survive, mostly because there weren't very many of us, and most families needed large numbers to tend to farms and such. Today, we have machinery to cultivate our farms, and we have plenty of people to keep our numbers from dwindling. In fact, instead of helping us to survive, our great numbers may actually be the instruments of our extinction.
  If you don't believe us, then think about some of the recent problems that we are having. Here's a list of population related disasters that humans, animals and plant life are experiencing right now and they're not going to get any better without some major effort from us and our governments to reduce our population.

Suicide isn't necessary
if we just abstain
from having several
children in each family.
  • The Bird Flu - SARS - AIDS - etc.
    Yes, these major diseases that are sending world governments into a health related frenzy are population dependant. Transmittable diseases rely on tightly packed populations to spread like wildfire. The closer we are together, the more likely we are to pass on an airborne virus. As a matter of fact we have so many people to feed that poultry companies started to take less care in processing chickens and started packing them in so tightly without proper hygiene that the bird flu was inevitable. So don't think that forcing companies to act more responsibly is a cure. Eventually the demand will far outweigh any food we can process. The movie Soylent Green is a perfect example of where our food supply will be coming from in the future.
  • Hurricanes - Floods - Earthquakes - etc.
    You may be asking yourself, how can overpopulation possibly cause wide scale natural disasters? Well. for starters, since global warming is melting all the glaciers on the planet, where do you think all that extra water is going to go. It's going to cause massive flooding all around the planet in any low lying area that is even close to sea level. Global warming is also causing extreme changes in the air currents that create natural catastrophes like Hurricane's and Tornado's. If you think that the news is reporting too many disasters now, then think about how bad it will be in 10 or 20 years.
  These are just some of the worst disasters that are created by our locust like behavior. There are many more effects that our increased population will have on this planet, and the only ones that will ultimately lose, is us. Hopefully we haven't come this far to only exterminate ourselves through ignorance and selfishness. Please, start to inform your peers that having a large family is just as taboo as murder, or drugs and it's not okay to procreate like bunnies. We're bigger and make more of a mess than bunnies anyway.

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