Excess garbage is bad for the ecology and so is overpopulation, fossil fuels, nuclear power and air pollution. We need more ecological governments to help out.


Bad For The Ecology

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Stop Littering
Excess Garbage
  Plastics themselves have been a great boone to mankind, but what we do with it afterwards is disgraceful. The landfills and oceans are being polluted and very few companies are creating less packaging for their products.
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Have Fewer Children
  If we can't stop our population from rising, who will cull our herd for us? De-population could solve most of our problems, but for some reason it seems to be an impossible dream.
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Practice Fuel Efficiency
Gasoline and Fossil Fuels
  Gasoline automobiles, and gas powered leaf  blowers, are just two of the bad inventions for the new millennium , that we can frankly do without. If that isn't bad enough, we're buying S.U.V.'s and mini-vans like they're going out of style, and hopefully they will.
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Pass On The Word
Ecological Apathy
  It seems that some of the youth these days don't care about anything, yet others are very ecologically conscious. What is the difference between these two sets of our future world leaders? Our guess is that it's the parents that need a lesson in teaching their kids to care.

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Use Natural Methods
Nuclear Power
 Is nuclear power the wave of the future, or is it a ticking time bomb? This highly volatile method of producing energy isn't worth the price of it's by-products. There are too many other ways of producing energy to play Russian Roulette with radiation. It may work, but it's just not worth it.

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Pollutitians More Likely
Government Roles
  Are governments really doing their best to ensure the safety of the people? If it was, all the governments of the world would stop their bickering and join together to save our planet. Money seems to be the deciding factor, but it won't matter when we are dying in the streets, choking on our own crapulence, literally.

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Plant A Few Trees
Air Pollution
  Anyone that lives in a large city can see the smog, but now it can be seen even when you're out of the city. We can change it before it's too late, but it has to be done now, not 10 years from now.

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Bad for the Ecology

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