Apathy towards pollution and litter bugs are bad for the ecolog., Environmental concerns and ecological awareness stops people from throwing garbage and waste.


Bad For The Ecology

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Don't Be a Litterbug
  Far too often do we see people throwing garbage out a car window, or piles of trash lining the ground around a waste bucket. When it comes to protecting the environment, apathy is the biggest hurdle. Most people just don't care. If every person could take just one trip to a local dump site, and see what's being thrown out, the memberships of environmental groups would be at 100% capacity.  If you think that you don't need to care because it won't affect you in your lifetime, then think again. If we're not careful, we may have to fight nature for our very existence and considering how much we depend on nature, it's a fight we're likely to lose.
  Littering is illegal in most places, yet no one ever seems to get a ticket for doing so. Companies receive fines, but they are nowhere near enough to discourage them form polluting excessively. We have to help our justice system to fight these environmental crimes by reporting offending businesses, and voicing our disdain for litterbugs. The less people that are apathetic, the more difference it will make in the long run. We can't leave all the garbage cleanup for prison inmates. There just aren't enough of them to go around.
  It takes some effort to conserve our planet for future generations, but it's well worth it if you do. You can build a website, like we did, you can rally to have environmentalists speak at your local school, maybe support governments that are dedicated to the environment, adopt a child instead of having one, or even donate some money to an eco-friendly group. It starts with one act of compassion for yourself and for your environment. Eventually we will start to run out of places to hide our shame and the cess pools of our waste will bubble forth from the ground.

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